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Myths, fakes n forgeries


In 2001 a stone tablet was supposedly found that would verify the existence of the temple of King Solomon. "The only evidence ever found of King Solomon's Temple.

The tablet was given a series of tests, including radiocarbon dating, scientists officially pronounced the stone to be genuine.

The stone tablet was offered to the Israel Museum. It was said the price $10 million.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority finally found the owner ( Oded Golan).

Golan said he was just a middle man, but the authorities investigated further.

Oded Golan was the owner of the James Ossuary, another extraordinary artifact which had appeared a couple of years earlier. This was a burial box with an inscription linking it to Jesus' brother.

After the investigation the authorities announced that the stone tablet, and the James Ossuary, were elaborate fakes.

When the police arrested Oded Golan they found tools, materials, and half finished 'antiquities'. This was evidence for an operation of a scale far greater than could be imagined.

It was discovered that collectors around the world have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for artifacts that came through Oded Golan's forgery factory.

Police now suspect that Golan's forgeries are now in major museums around the world.

Archaeologists believe everything presented as artifacts/documents in the last 20 years should be considered a fake.



* 'Jews' can and do create fake documents, fake artifacts and get away with it.

* For profit, 'Jews' are as willing to swindle, sell forgeries to 'Jews' as they are willing to swindle non 'Jews'

* Because of it's importance in bible history, this stone was submitted to many test, but the 'Nazi documents found by 'Jews' are validated with out question.

* The profit on fake Nazi papers / artifacts is the same as profit made on false bible artifacts.

* Fame and fortune can be and is obtained by 'Nazi Hunters'. Book deals, speaking engagements. Those who can create forgeries are compensated with tens of thousands of dollars...

* And once any of those forgeries are accepted (with out any testing) they become a part of history.


For the most profit, which kind of fake documents should be created..

Some thing to do with major events

Some thing to do with famous / infamous people

Some thing that tears out the heart of the public.

The smart counterfeiter may find collaborators. If you were going to be the person who came across letters/documents by accident, it would be smart to find an accomplice to write the forgeries. You would not want experts to compare your hand writing with the supposed documents.

When the Nazis entered the houses of 'Jews' they emptied them on the streets, so how would there be any hand written papers left that belonged to Ann Frank?


"Miep Gies and Elly Vossen, two of the people who cared for them found the diary and saved it.


* Two people just happened to be looking in that hiding place the same time and found the diary?


Of course if Otto Frank had the diaries forged by an accomplice, then any cross references of other things written by Ann could have also been forged by the same accomplice.

This is the exact method used by the forgers of The Hitler's Diaries ... the Diaries hand writing was compared by other Hitler Forgeries by the same accomplice.

All that will be believed about the existence of an actual diary can be traced to one source: Otto Frank, the man who gained great fame and wealth by the tear jerking story.

Why will people believe the story, because it is such a tear jerker and people want to believe it, regardless of the fact that those who presented the evidence, cashed in.


Miep Gies was one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis


* Gee, when ever the Nazis found ANY ONE HIDING JEWS, they were arrested and killed or sent to the camps with them.


No different than "Solomon's Tablet", the masses will believe it with blinders, because is some thing they want to believe.

Oh yes, crook 'Jews' are as willing to swindle Jews along with any other suckers that come along.

Such is the myths/history of WW2, it was and will always remain infested with 'Jew' accounts accepted with out investigation.

"nazi memorabilia fakes forgeries" is a multi million dollar industry


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The feud Gate, Unger & Jent

Imagine if you will a feud between people who live on different sides of the river.

In the horrific fights, members of families are murdered. The Unger family is drawn into the feud and sends their sons to murder and to be murdered.

While the Jent families live in the same communities as the Ungers, they also live in communities through out the world. Any loyalty they have to any country they happen to live in, comes second to their own clan.

As the Gates and Ungers murder each other, the Jents only actual concern is that their clan members are being killed.

Because the Unger sent their own sons across the river to kill and be killed in the fight, the Ungers acquire great rage and hate for the Gates families.

Of course with their own sons being murdered by the Gates, the Ungers would believe any thing the Jents say about them.

Because of the mis-trust and massive hate of the Gates, the Jents could publish any negative lies about the Gates, and the Ungers would never consider questioning any thing the Jents wrote about their common enemy.

So it is with the 'Jew' accounts, statistics, documents, information produced about the Germans, the US population would never consider questioning any thing the 'Jews' wrote about the Germans.

Most every thing that will be believed about WW2, comes from 'Jew' investigators.

Would 'Jews' lie? Would 'Jews' forge papers? Were 'Jews' able to forge documents in which the forgeries could not be detected?

We see movies "based on true events", we read over and over how 'Jews' forged documents during WW2.

(a) Either all of these 'Jew' books, stories, documentaries are lies or ... (b) If not lies, we know that the 'Jews' could and did forge documents in which the forgeries could not be detected. If the Germans could detect the forgeries, then they would not be alive to write their stories about their forgeries.

How hard would it be for 'Jews' to falsify what any Nazi wrote or said? In ten minutes they could concoct any thing and make the world believe some one in WW2 actually said or wrote it.


Once they produced just one forgery, if it were outrageous enough, it would be published in thousands of books (now on the internet) and all future generations would believe the forgery to be a fact ... After all, the governments of the world took any things 'Jews' produced as facts. Their 'finds' were never investigated and even if they were investigated, the forgeries would be so good, there would be no way to detect them.


Why would any one go to the extreme to create lies or forgeries:

* Fame

* To promote some cause

* Profit

* Revenge / Hate

The forgeries do not have to be created in the time events happened or even decades/centuries after. If the proper kinds of materials can be acquired and the forgers are skilled, the forgers can produce their concoction at any time.


Who can guess what 'Jew' will 'find' the next outrage about a never seen before 'Nazi Outrage"?

Because non='Jews' have their own crooks, forgers, liars ... willing to deceive for profit, one of the best 'Jew' tricks is to get a non-'Jew' stooge to be the 'discoverers' of the concoction about the Nazis.


Hitler Diaries

In 1979 the German magazine Der Stern, the reporter Gerd Heidemann, was invited by Fritz Stiefel who collected Nazi artifacts.

Heidemann , a Nazi expert noticed a black book and was told it a secret diary kept Hitler. ( One of 6 volumes.)

Heidemann new if the diaries were authentic, he would have one of the biggest news stories of the 20th century.

* Question, how did Stiefel obtain the diaries.

"The diary had been aboard a plane carrying some of the Fuehrer's belongings that had crashed in the village of Boernersdorf"

A German transport plane similar to the one that crashed in Boernersdorf and a chest of papers were recovered.

* He also learned Konrad Fischer had 27 more volumes of the diaries.

Stern magazine said they would pay $800,000) for the diaries.

Fischer made Heidemann promise to keep his identity a secret.

The final was 62 volumes that $4 million for.

Stern had to make sure the diaries were authentic. The hand writing in Heidemann and the German Federal was identical.

David Irving pointed out that what was recorded in the diaries did not correspond to known historical events.

Experts of Hitler's writing that the script in the diaries did not resemble his ( the handwriting was the basis of Stern's authentication)

Scientist revealed the paper, ink and glue of the diaries was made after the end of World War II

Several members of Stern's staff were fired and fraud charges were filed.

Fischer's real name was Konrad Kujau. Kujau was a petty criminal who specialized in forgery.

Kujau's prolific forgery solved the mystery of how the Stern handwriting experts had been fooled. When they had compared the handwriting in the diaries to the handwriting found in letters by Hitler, they pronounced it identical. Indeed it was. The letters that they had used for comparison turned out to be previous forgeries by Kujau, not actually letters written by Hitler.

The judge remarked Stern shared the blame with the forgers because they wanted so bad to believe it was authentic and profit, that they let themselves be fooled.


Note Hitler's signature was compared to Hitler's signature (which was a forgery). This is no different than "The Diary of Ann Frank". The sample of Ann Frank's hand writing was compared with samples presented by the one person alive.. The person who gained wealth and fame from the publication. Ann Frank's father (who happened to be hiding in a different place than his family when the Nazis came?)

The difference between Hitler's Diaries, The Diary of Ann Frank or any of the 'Nazi documents' produced by 'Jews' is only that the world community does not examine or test any 'letters/documents' produced by 'Jews' .


Most do not even know the names of those who produced any documents and if you know the names, you have no way to know if the person of that name actually existed.

Holocaust deniers? Give me a break. Except for those who lived in Europe in WW2, no one on earth knows what happened. If no one tested 'The Hitler Diaries', today school kids and university students would have classes about the events in Hitler's life (based on his diary)

Of coure the information about Nazis published in books, based on 'Found documents' is un-challenged, un-tested by any independent scientific labs.

What future generations will believe about WW2 is based on information produced by enraged 'Jews' out for vengeance who have been proven forgers who have the ability to create undetectable forgeries.


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In a criminal investigation, the chain of evidence must be protected. If there is a chance of the evidence being tainted, it is not even allowed to be heard in a trial.


Can you imagine a trial involving a feud between neighbors and one of the neighbors would be allowed to investigate and produce the chain of evidence?


That is exactly what happened to convince the world population of what happened in WW2.


The scene was never protected from contamination.


The investigation was not done by an independent agency, but that which is called evidence has been collected by 'Jews'.


The places where all supposed evidence came from could easily have documents planted any time ... years after WW2.


Most of the world is not looking through the giant stacks of Nazi records. The world could care less.


It is only 'Jews' who dig into all of those papers. There are no guards making sure no one takes any papers away, but worse yet, there is no security searching people examining papers. Any one could plant any concoctions they wanted years later and claim they found some thing written by the Nazis.


Do 'Jews' have the motivation of revenge, hate ... yes / no


Do 'Jews' have the opportunity to add, altar or insert forged papers ... yes / no


Do 'Jews' have the skill to forge papers / signatures that could not be detected (even if there were actually outside sources investigating their claims.





 What would it take to create a forgery of a WW2 document

a) The same type paper used in that time period

b) A typewriter that was used in that time period

c) The same kind of ink used in that time period.

d) The ability to forge signatures.

e) A motive to create such forgeries

f) The opportunity to create such forgeries.


Did / does 'Jews' have every thing it takes and the motivation to concoct false information about the events of WW2?

Have 'Jews' been proven to be involved in lies, forgeries, deception?

It is by the trust of 'Jews' that future generations will believe what ever they believe about the events of WW2




Excerpts from WW2 accounts on 'Jew' counterfeiting and forged papers


Vladimir Chernovol obtained false identity papers for a Jewish pilot shot down over Ukraine and hid him until liberation

Piotr Gutzol smuggled a young woman out of the ghetto by providing her with fake identity papers

Zinaida Zhilenko hid a Jewish friend and provided her with forged documents so she could pass as a Christian




Dr. Joseph Jaksy, who rescued 25 Jews during the war. He provided them with... forged identification papers.


Every Dutch resident was required to carry their ID card at all times. This forged ID card was made by the Dutch resistance. The absence of a "J" on the card indicates that the holder is not Jewish

How could you trust any so called documents from WW2.. duh, because 'Jews' produced them?




The kashariyot were women using false papers to conceal their Jewish identities ...

They had to travel with false papers, disguised as non-Jews, and had to rely on forged travel permits and sheer chutzpah to bluff their way through multiple police inspections, document checks and border controls.




'Jews' Never ceased from using false documents and counterfeiting their own when ever it met their agenda. What makes you think you can trust any 'documents' produced by 'Jews' to reveal any thing about the events of WW2?




Cioma was raised in Germany, the son of Russian Jewish emigrants. Cioma said good-bye to his family in a synagogue, which had been turned into a deportation center.

Cioma Schönhaus helped hundreds of Jews in Germany escape certain death during the Holocaust, by faking their identity papers.


Of course 'Jews' use forgeries and counterfeit their own false documents when it serves their self purpose !

It is these 'Jews' the world must trust in order to believe their accounts of the events of WW2 ... give me a break.


Communist groups provided the most systematic and sustained resistance (252). These groups provided Jews with forged passports and certificates of Aryan identity.




Europe Jews.. Jews forged identity documents, observed religious holidays and rituals and organized clandestine schools for children.


'Jew' : Jaac van Harten was a Nazi collaborator, worked for the Abwehr, the Nazi intelligence service. He worked with the Nazis to distribution of counterfeit British currency.






Major Bernhard Krueger was in charge of Jewish prisoners. In Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin, they forged millions.

The forgeries were laundered with Jewish agents who concealed their origins.

After several mistakes they found out how to match the paper, printing, and design of the impressive British notes. He found his forgers in Jewish concentration camps on the orders of SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler



 They never change







Myriad is a classical Greek name for the number 104 = 10 000, or a group of 10 000 people, etc. In English, the word refers to 10,000 (a cardinal number)

MYRIAD = 10,000


'Jew historians'

How many 'Jews' were killed according to the 'Jew' Talmud?

Gittin 57b Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard KILLED two hundred and eleven MYRIADS, (211 x 10,000 = 2,110,000) and in Jerusalem he

KILLED ninety-four MYRIADS on one stone, until their blood went and joined that of Zechariah... ( 94 x 10,000 = 940,000 )

Emperor Hadrian who KILLED in Alexandria of Egypt sixty MYRIADS on sixty MYRIADS, twice as many as went forth from Egypt. ( 60 x 10,000 = 600,000)

Emperor Vespasian who KILLED in the city of Bethar four hundred thousand MYRIADS, or as some say, four thousand MYRIADS. ( 4,000 x 10,000 = 40,000,000 )


According to 'Jewish historians' the Romans killed about 43,000,000 'Jews' about 2000 years ago. (This is a partial list)

Gittin 58a There were four hundred synagogues in the city of Bethar, and in every one were four hundred teachers of children, and each one had under him four hundred pupils, and when the enemy entered there they pierced them with their staves, and when the enemy prevailed and captured them, they wrapped them in their scrolls and burnt them with fire

400 Synagogues had

400 teachers each

Each teacher had 400 pupils

400 x 400 x 400 = 64,000,000

In this part of the 'Jew historian' Talmud, the Romans killed 64 million 'Jew' pupils.

If you added all the 'Jews' killed by the Romans, according to 'Jew' historians, it appears the Romans would have killed over a hundred million 'Jews'.

In the future 'The 6 million 'Jews' killed will be expanded to 10, 20 ... 100 million?

Would 'Jews' with vengeance, concoct, counterfeit, lie, exaggerate numbers?

What people believe about the numbers killed in WW2 hinges on what 'Jews' claim

There has never been an independent study of governments of the world to come up with any such numbers.

All these numbers were compiled by the same sect who's 'historians' claim the Romans killed 64 million pupils in a city that did not contain a total population of 1 million any time in history !!!

It is these people you must trust in order to believe what they write about events in history.



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