Friday, June 26, 2009




 What would it take to create a forgery of a WW2 document

a) The same type paper used in that time period

b) A typewriter that was used in that time period

c) The same kind of ink used in that time period.

d) The ability to forge signatures.

e) A motive to create such forgeries

f) The opportunity to create such forgeries.


Did / does 'Jews' have every thing it takes and the motivation to concoct false information about the events of WW2?

Have 'Jews' been proven to be involved in lies, forgeries, deception?

It is by the trust of 'Jews' that future generations will believe what ever they believe about the events of WW2




Excerpts from WW2 accounts on 'Jew' counterfeiting and forged papers


Vladimir Chernovol obtained false identity papers for a Jewish pilot shot down over Ukraine and hid him until liberation

Piotr Gutzol smuggled a young woman out of the ghetto by providing her with fake identity papers

Zinaida Zhilenko hid a Jewish friend and provided her with forged documents so she could pass as a Christian


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