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Myths, fakes n forgeries


In 2001 a stone tablet was supposedly found that would verify the existence of the temple of King Solomon. "The only evidence ever found of King Solomon's Temple.

The tablet was given a series of tests, including radiocarbon dating, scientists officially pronounced the stone to be genuine.

The stone tablet was offered to the Israel Museum. It was said the price $10 million.

The Israeli Antiquities Authority finally found the owner ( Oded Golan).

Golan said he was just a middle man, but the authorities investigated further.

Oded Golan was the owner of the James Ossuary, another extraordinary artifact which had appeared a couple of years earlier. This was a burial box with an inscription linking it to Jesus' brother.

After the investigation the authorities announced that the stone tablet, and the James Ossuary, were elaborate fakes.

When the police arrested Oded Golan they found tools, materials, and half finished 'antiquities'. This was evidence for an operation of a scale far greater than could be imagined.

It was discovered that collectors around the world have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for artifacts that came through Oded Golan's forgery factory.

Police now suspect that Golan's forgeries are now in major museums around the world.

Archaeologists believe everything presented as artifacts/documents in the last 20 years should be considered a fake.



* 'Jews' can and do create fake documents, fake artifacts and get away with it.

* For profit, 'Jews' are as willing to swindle, sell forgeries to 'Jews' as they are willing to swindle non 'Jews'

* Because of it's importance in bible history, this stone was submitted to many test, but the 'Nazi documents found by 'Jews' are validated with out question.

* The profit on fake Nazi papers / artifacts is the same as profit made on false bible artifacts.

* Fame and fortune can be and is obtained by 'Nazi Hunters'. Book deals, speaking engagements. Those who can create forgeries are compensated with tens of thousands of dollars...

* And once any of those forgeries are accepted (with out any testing) they become a part of history.


For the most profit, which kind of fake documents should be created..

Some thing to do with major events

Some thing to do with famous / infamous people

Some thing that tears out the heart of the public.

The smart counterfeiter may find collaborators. If you were going to be the person who came across letters/documents by accident, it would be smart to find an accomplice to write the forgeries. You would not want experts to compare your hand writing with the supposed documents.

When the Nazis entered the houses of 'Jews' they emptied them on the streets, so how would there be any hand written papers left that belonged to Ann Frank?


"Miep Gies and Elly Vossen, two of the people who cared for them found the diary and saved it.


* Two people just happened to be looking in that hiding place the same time and found the diary?


Of course if Otto Frank had the diaries forged by an accomplice, then any cross references of other things written by Ann could have also been forged by the same accomplice.

This is the exact method used by the forgers of The Hitler's Diaries ... the Diaries hand writing was compared by other Hitler Forgeries by the same accomplice.

All that will be believed about the existence of an actual diary can be traced to one source: Otto Frank, the man who gained great fame and wealth by the tear jerking story.

Why will people believe the story, because it is such a tear jerker and people want to believe it, regardless of the fact that those who presented the evidence, cashed in.


Miep Gies was one of the Dutch citizens who hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis


* Gee, when ever the Nazis found ANY ONE HIDING JEWS, they were arrested and killed or sent to the camps with them.


No different than "Solomon's Tablet", the masses will believe it with blinders, because is some thing they want to believe.

Oh yes, crook 'Jews' are as willing to swindle Jews along with any other suckers that come along.

Such is the myths/history of WW2, it was and will always remain infested with 'Jew' accounts accepted with out investigation.

"nazi memorabilia fakes forgeries" is a multi million dollar industry


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  1. Diaries allegedly written in secret rooms are always big money makers. The "victimhood industry" pays quite well.

  2. Research the old Testament - it is a collection of Babylonian, Persian, Greek and other histories and mythologies, twisted to fit the Jewish worldview. The Jewish heroes of the Old Testament were other people's heroes. The Ten Commandments are Babylonian, not Jewish. The only part of the OT the Jews are responsible for is the bloodthirty descriptions of slaughter of the Goyim!