Friday, June 26, 2009




In a criminal investigation, the chain of evidence must be protected. If there is a chance of the evidence being tainted, it is not even allowed to be heard in a trial.


Can you imagine a trial involving a feud between neighbors and one of the neighbors would be allowed to investigate and produce the chain of evidence?


That is exactly what happened to convince the world population of what happened in WW2.


The scene was never protected from contamination.


The investigation was not done by an independent agency, but that which is called evidence has been collected by 'Jews'.


The places where all supposed evidence came from could easily have documents planted any time ... years after WW2.


Most of the world is not looking through the giant stacks of Nazi records. The world could care less.


It is only 'Jews' who dig into all of those papers. There are no guards making sure no one takes any papers away, but worse yet, there is no security searching people examining papers. Any one could plant any concoctions they wanted years later and claim they found some thing written by the Nazis.


Do 'Jews' have the motivation of revenge, hate ... yes / no


Do 'Jews' have the opportunity to add, altar or insert forged papers ... yes / no


Do 'Jews' have the skill to forge papers / signatures that could not be detected (even if there were actually outside sources investigating their claims.


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