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The feud Gate, Unger & Jent

Imagine if you will a feud between people who live on different sides of the river.

In the horrific fights, members of families are murdered. The Unger family is drawn into the feud and sends their sons to murder and to be murdered.

While the Jent families live in the same communities as the Ungers, they also live in communities through out the world. Any loyalty they have to any country they happen to live in, comes second to their own clan.

As the Gates and Ungers murder each other, the Jents only actual concern is that their clan members are being killed.

Because the Unger sent their own sons across the river to kill and be killed in the fight, the Ungers acquire great rage and hate for the Gates families.

Of course with their own sons being murdered by the Gates, the Ungers would believe any thing the Jents say about them.

Because of the mis-trust and massive hate of the Gates, the Jents could publish any negative lies about the Gates, and the Ungers would never consider questioning any thing the Jents wrote about their common enemy.

So it is with the 'Jew' accounts, statistics, documents, information produced about the Germans, the US population would never consider questioning any thing the 'Jews' wrote about the Germans.

Most every thing that will be believed about WW2, comes from 'Jew' investigators.

Would 'Jews' lie? Would 'Jews' forge papers? Were 'Jews' able to forge documents in which the forgeries could not be detected?

We see movies "based on true events", we read over and over how 'Jews' forged documents during WW2.

(a) Either all of these 'Jew' books, stories, documentaries are lies or ... (b) If not lies, we know that the 'Jews' could and did forge documents in which the forgeries could not be detected. If the Germans could detect the forgeries, then they would not be alive to write their stories about their forgeries.

How hard would it be for 'Jews' to falsify what any Nazi wrote or said? In ten minutes they could concoct any thing and make the world believe some one in WW2 actually said or wrote it.


Once they produced just one forgery, if it were outrageous enough, it would be published in thousands of books (now on the internet) and all future generations would believe the forgery to be a fact ... After all, the governments of the world took any things 'Jews' produced as facts. Their 'finds' were never investigated and even if they were investigated, the forgeries would be so good, there would be no way to detect them.


Why would any one go to the extreme to create lies or forgeries:

* Fame

* To promote some cause

* Profit

* Revenge / Hate

The forgeries do not have to be created in the time events happened or even decades/centuries after. If the proper kinds of materials can be acquired and the forgers are skilled, the forgers can produce their concoction at any time.


Who can guess what 'Jew' will 'find' the next outrage about a never seen before 'Nazi Outrage"?

Because non='Jews' have their own crooks, forgers, liars ... willing to deceive for profit, one of the best 'Jew' tricks is to get a non-'Jew' stooge to be the 'discoverers' of the concoction about the Nazis.


Hitler Diaries

In 1979 the German magazine Der Stern, the reporter Gerd Heidemann, was invited by Fritz Stiefel who collected Nazi artifacts.

Heidemann , a Nazi expert noticed a black book and was told it a secret diary kept Hitler. ( One of 6 volumes.)

Heidemann new if the diaries were authentic, he would have one of the biggest news stories of the 20th century.

* Question, how did Stiefel obtain the diaries.

"The diary had been aboard a plane carrying some of the Fuehrer's belongings that had crashed in the village of Boernersdorf"

A German transport plane similar to the one that crashed in Boernersdorf and a chest of papers were recovered.

* He also learned Konrad Fischer had 27 more volumes of the diaries.

Stern magazine said they would pay $800,000) for the diaries.

Fischer made Heidemann promise to keep his identity a secret.

The final was 62 volumes that $4 million for.

Stern had to make sure the diaries were authentic. The hand writing in Heidemann and the German Federal was identical.

David Irving pointed out that what was recorded in the diaries did not correspond to known historical events.

Experts of Hitler's writing that the script in the diaries did not resemble his ( the handwriting was the basis of Stern's authentication)

Scientist revealed the paper, ink and glue of the diaries was made after the end of World War II

Several members of Stern's staff were fired and fraud charges were filed.

Fischer's real name was Konrad Kujau. Kujau was a petty criminal who specialized in forgery.

Kujau's prolific forgery solved the mystery of how the Stern handwriting experts had been fooled. When they had compared the handwriting in the diaries to the handwriting found in letters by Hitler, they pronounced it identical. Indeed it was. The letters that they had used for comparison turned out to be previous forgeries by Kujau, not actually letters written by Hitler.

The judge remarked Stern shared the blame with the forgers because they wanted so bad to believe it was authentic and profit, that they let themselves be fooled.


Note Hitler's signature was compared to Hitler's signature (which was a forgery). This is no different than "The Diary of Ann Frank". The sample of Ann Frank's hand writing was compared with samples presented by the one person alive.. The person who gained wealth and fame from the publication. Ann Frank's father (who happened to be hiding in a different place than his family when the Nazis came?)

The difference between Hitler's Diaries, The Diary of Ann Frank or any of the 'Nazi documents' produced by 'Jews' is only that the world community does not examine or test any 'letters/documents' produced by 'Jews' .


Most do not even know the names of those who produced any documents and if you know the names, you have no way to know if the person of that name actually existed.

Holocaust deniers? Give me a break. Except for those who lived in Europe in WW2, no one on earth knows what happened. If no one tested 'The Hitler Diaries', today school kids and university students would have classes about the events in Hitler's life (based on his diary)

Of coure the information about Nazis published in books, based on 'Found documents' is un-challenged, un-tested by any independent scientific labs.

What future generations will believe about WW2 is based on information produced by enraged 'Jews' out for vengeance who have been proven forgers who have the ability to create undetectable forgeries.


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